About DaBY

Q: What kind of facility is Dance Base Yokohama?

A: Dance Base Yokokohama (hereafter referred to as “DaBY”) is a dance house that specializes in planning and operating a professional dance environment and fostering creators.
It plans and operates workshops and experimental tryout performances, invites overseas artists and companies, conducts dance archive projects, and defends the rights of dancers, aiming to be a center of exchange not only for choreographers and dancers, but also for creators, critics, researchers, production staff, and audiences in various fields. The Center aims to be a center of exchange not only for choreographers and dancers, but also for creators, critics, researchers, production staff and audiences in various fields.
For more information, please see the “Concept” section here.

General Use

Q: What can DaBY do for me?

A: At DaBY, professional dance artists are engaged in creative activities. The public is invited to observe DaBY resident artists and others creating works in the archive area surrounding the studio. Visitors are also free to browse the books in the archive area.
Registration as a DaBY member (free of charge) is required to visit the event. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you will not be able to use the site.

The following activities are not permitted
・Photography, video, and other voyeuristic activities outside of authorized areas (practice areas, backspaces, contents of books, etc.)
(2) Unwanted behavior such as molestation or stalking of dancers or other members.
Intentional or grossly negligent defacement of facilities or damage to property
Please refer to the terms and conditions for details.

Q: When and how is DaBY available?

A: Available Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., without reservation and free of charge.

Q: Is the facility wheelchair accessible?

A: It is possible. If you need assistance, please contact our staff.
*Please contact us in advance to request tickets for events to be held at DaBY.

Q: Are preschool children allowed?

A: It is possible. You may also enter with a stroller. During the event or when the artists are concentrating, we may ask you to stay outside DaBY temporarily depending on the situation, for example, if your child is screaming loudly. Please understand this in advance.

About Studio Use

Q: Do you rent out studios?

A:DaBY does not offer rentals to the general public; DaBY is primarily a studio for resident artists and professional dancers, and is primarily used by resident artists, dancers in residence, and guest artists. The studio is used mainly by resident artists, resident dancers, and guest artists.

Q: Do you offer regular classes for the general public?

A: We do not offer regular classes for the general public.
Some workshops are open to participants on an irregular basis. Please check the event page or DaBY’s SNS for information on upcoming events.
Regular classes for DaBY dancers in residence are available for observation. Please see the website calendar for class schedules.

Use of Archive Area

Q: Do you loan out books and other materials that DaBY collects and stores?

A: We do not loan out materials to the general public; they can only be viewed in the archive area of DaBY.

Q: Is it possible to take pictures?

A: Photography is allowed in the archive area. Please refrain from photographing, recording, or recording the contents of creations taking place in the acting area.

About the Event

Q: Where can I sign up for an event?

A: Applications for events held at DaBY are accepted through Peatix. Please check the event page for events that are currently accepting applications.

Q: Can I cancel a purchased ticket?

A: Please note that once tickets have been purchased, they cannot be cancelled, refunded or changed by the customer.

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