Dance Base Yokohama is a dance house that designs and organizes projects that specifically aim to improve professional dance environments and support emerging creatives.

In order to approach dance through a transdisciplinary lens, the space will facilitate exchanges not only between artists such as choreographers and dancers, but also between musicians, visual artists, video artists, lighting designers, producers, production teams, critics, researchers, and audience members. As we hope for Dance Base Yokohama to be a platform where people can casually get together, we are calling this place DaBY.

While we offer residencies for creative projects, we aim to diversify our approach by hosting spaces for both local artists and residents, workshops, experimental tryout performances, and dance archive projects.

Fair Creation

Declaration of Fair Creation by DaBY

Dance Base Yokohama (DaBY) declares the commitment as follows to provide a healthy creative environment and calls it Fair Creation:
1) Facilitating mutual respect among everyone involved in the creation, regardless of differences in careers and positions.
2) Providing an open space where anyone, including the audience, can join.

Fair Creation is an original concept of DaBY, which is inspired by Fair Trade.
DaBY aims to work with the audience to generate a sustainable ecosystem in the dance world. DaBY gives opportunities for the audience to watch the creative process anytime to be able to choose works that are created in a non-hierarchical environment.

Key Concepts


Creation of
dance work
by professionals

performances and


Specialized workshops by
various professionals
beyond the framework
of dance

Various seminars to
improve dance
environment as well as
the skill of creators


Venues for exchange
among various artists,
creators, and technicians

Dance-related archive
facilities where
citizens and dance fans
can pop in


A hub to connect
dance-dedicated theaters
and groups in and outside
of Japan

Social contributions
through dance
collaboration with
various groups



DaBY is located on the third floor of the Former Yokohama Raw Silk Inspection Warehouses.

The facility mainly consists of activity areas for dance classes, creation (residence), showings, workshops, and tryouts. It also has archive functions such as libraries in the corridor areas, backstage shower facilities, officers and storage in the backyard. We are aiming to build a truly creative space for artists where we can meet various people and share knowledge.

The space design is supported by ondesign partners based in the local area of Bashamichi area. They have experiences in urban design and networking with creators.

SEGA SAMMY ARTS FOUNDATION, founded on March 1, 2019, will operate and manage this facility to contribute to Japanese culture and art activities, especially contemporary dance.

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