Genealogy of Dance

This project focused on the history of Western dance and dancers’ careers through three leading Japanese female dance artists, Yoko Ando, Hana Sakai, and Megumi Nakamura. It investigated notions of “inheritance/reconstruction” of dance by presenting a foundational work significant to each artist and a newly created work in succession.
Premiere: October 2021 Aichi Prefectural Art Theater

Each piece is performed consecutively.

Ryu Suzuki Triple Bill

Based on the underlying theme of “Does my body belong to me?” – a question that became familiar to many of us especially during the COVID-19 pandemic – DaBY’s first ever Associate Choreographer, Ryu Suzuki, presented three new works that were collectively created in collaboration with dramaturgs and set designers.
Premiere: December 2021 Aichi Prefectural Art Theater

Roma Hashimoto × Yae Yamamichi

DaBY Resident Artist Roma Hashimoto and traditional Japanese musician Yae Yamamichi collaborated for the first time to present a new work.
Premiere: December 2021 DaBY Performing Arts Selection 2021

Aichi Prefectural Art Theater ×Dance Base Yokohama Ryu Suzuki × Shinji Ohmaki × evala “Rain”

This dance piece is based on the novel “Rain” by William Somerset Maugham. The piece created a new theatrical experience through the integration of the scenography based on Shinji Ohmaki’s “Liminal Air – Black Weight” (2012), the music by evala’s unique “spatial composition” using stereophonic sound, the direction by Ryu Suzuki, and the dance by DaBY Resident Dancers.

In domestic performances, the main role was performed by Yui Yonezawa, a principal dancer of the National Ballet of Japan. For the Hong Kong performance, local dancers were selected through an audition to perform in the piece. It is possible to employ dancers from the region the performances take place.
Premiere: March 2023 Aichi Prefectural Art Theater

Ecriture before awakening

A series of new works in 2023 that captures the atmosphere of the time and questions society using the body as a medium.
Premiere: September 2023 Aichi Prefectural Art Theater

At the premiere, it was performed as one program. The program can consist of a combination of two or three pieces or just a single piece.
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